Private Wedding Day Session

One of the most important requests (ahem, requirements) I make with brides is that they give me a 1Hr+ private photo session on their wedding day. Usually this happens after the ceremony, before the reception. Too often brides get caught up in the momentum of the day, getting swept away here, then being pulled there, sometimes to the point of having no time for photos of just her and her new husband or wedding party. I always ask them, “Do you really want all your photos to be your aunts and uncles?” I understand that my clients love their guests, but I am also keenly aware of their strong desire for stunning wedding photos.

Typically the most creative images I create happen during this private photo session. Being away from the crowds, this is also when some of the most romantic, intimate photos can be captured. I feel it’s imperative that some kind of private photo session be officially arranged (no “if we have time”) into the itinerary so that these special photographs can be captured. Friends and family are always understanding of this time, and I have never had a bride regret that they did it. In fact, we usually have a blast at the session, and as a result many of the winning images are born. So don’t forget to arrange that private photo session!

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