9 Best Wedding Day Tips

1. Be on time, I know this is hard to believe but things get rushed especially on wedding days. If you show up 40 minutes late for a photo session you’re not going to get as many photographs to choose from, you won’t be as relaxed, and in some cases you will be paying the photographer to stand around. We suggest to plan on being 15 minutes early and if there are people in your group that are chronically late, tell them to be 15 to 30 minutes early (you know the people we’re talking about).
2. When you are going to be outside bring a bottle of water, and some loose face powder, especially if it is hot. Shiny faces don’t do well in pictures!!!

3. Women, bring a few safety pins for the bra straps, and a few extra hair pins just in case that veil starts to fall out.

4. If you’re prone to double chins keep your chin up to help reduce the double chin.

5. Make sure the flowers are going to be there. Pre-arrange for them to be delivered or picked up so you don’t have to worry about them on your wedding day. If this is going to be an all-day event you may want to have your flowers refreshed by a florist. Finally have the florist pre-label the flowers, so the right person gets the right flower.

6. Fill out a shot list and give it to the photographer ahead of time, this way you are more likely to get the shots that you want. Look at other people’s photos or bridal magazines to find photos you like and show them to your photographer. Most photographers will take the important photographs, but if you have a special request tell them.

7. If parents are divorced or if there is animosity between family members make sure the photographer knows ahead of time.

8. For the kissing pictures don’t pucker too much you don’t want to look like a cod fish and keep your tongue in your mouth (this might come back to haunt you).

9. Relax and be yourself this is your special day and no one else’s. Your photographs will turn out much better if you are relaxed and happy.”

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